NewTown Macon is proud to be a part of the National Main Street network.

The city of Macon has been an accredited Main Street community since 2011 when Main Street Macon was officially founded. When the program formed, it was housed in the city of Macon's Economic and Community Development Department and continued to be housed in this department after consolidation. In 2018, the County transferred the responsibilities of the Main Street program and Macon's Main Street accreditation to NewTown Macon in order to synergize downtown development efforts and eliminate duplication of efforts. Macon has been an accredited Main Street community for 10 years. 

4 Point in Action

NewTown Macon maintains the city of Macon's Main Street designation by following the 4 Point Approach for Revitalization and adhering to the 10 Standards for Accreditation defined by Main Street America. Part of these standards include an active and working Main Street board that develops and implements an annual work plan that results in community transformation. NewTown Macon's Main Street Macon board provides business owners and downtown enthusiasts with the opportunity to serve in a leadership role in downtown development. These board members invest sweat equity into downtown development and lead NewTown Macon's promotional and placemaking efforts. 


MAP 2.0 cites the need for more family-friendly programming in downtown Macon. Main Street Macon's board of directors regularly plans events for families to enjoy and recently established an events committee to fulfill this void in downtown Macon. Monthly and annual events like First Friday, The Market, Seuss on the Loose, Trick-or-Treat in Downtown Macon, and Christmas in Downtown help provide activities for the whole family to enjoy in downtown Macon. 

Main Street Macon's board of directors is currently working to identify opportunities for temporary and permanent infrastructure for families to enjoy such as game boards in alleys and monthly StoryWalks®.

Main Street Macon works to support existing businesses by planning promotional events that generate foot traffic downtown and providing communication for downtown business owners between NewTown Macon and county partners. Main Street Macon helps support the Downtown Macon Community Association and manages the downtown business owner Facebook group. 

The Downtown Macon Hype Team is a group of ambassadors who want you to love downtown Macon and share the hype! Main Street Macon's marketing committee is working to establish a volunteer street team that work events and share the good things happening downtown through social media. 


Main Street Macon is responsible for submitting monthly reports that document the growth and change in downtown Macon. Georgia Main Street compiles the numbers from these reports and provides each Main Street community an annual community impact summary. These reports tell the story of downtown Macon's ongoing revitalization efforts.