Developer's Academy


NewTown Macon's Developer's Academy is a revolutionary course that is highly engaging. The course provides many insights into the purchase and rehabilitation of historic properties, and you will learn from a variety of important contacts.  If you are considering a real estate project, we highly recommend that you attend this course.

Sherri and Randy Goss, Developers, 504 Second Street


By 2014, many of the largest buildings in the heart of downtown Macon had been converted into new lofts and vibrant storefronts. NewTown realized a mismatch existed between the available housing stock and the interests of local developers. Our most active developers preferred projects over $2 million, while many of the buildings still empty represented much smaller projects. To address this issue, NewTown launched the Developers' Academy, presented by Truist. The Academy is an intensive six-class course designed to teach the basic skills necessary to develop real estate in downtown Macon.

2022 DATES


Coming soon!

Graduates of the class are able to create professional quality project proposals for investment property, including construction, development and operating projections. These skills provide graduates with the ability to put together and/or invest in new construction and historic rehabilitation investment opportunities in downtown Macon, and to understand and leverage all of the relevant incentive programs, including historic tax credits

Graduates will leave the program with a complete toolkit to launch real estate development projects. Graduates will be prepared to guide developments from purchase and sale agreements (contracts to acquire/sell property) all the way to lease up and operation. Every graduate will leave with a custom-designed five-year operating pro forma and the ability to use this tool to evaluate projects.

Target Audience


No real estate investment or development experience is required! The Academy is designed as an introduction for people with an interest in developing in downtown Macon who do not know how to get started.

Veteran Developers

Veteran developers will benefit from the Academy's intensive focus on downtown development, ensuring they are able to maximize return on investment.


Lenders can gain knowledge to improve underwriting.

Tax Professionals

Tax professionals and financial advisors can become more adept at advising clients who invest or could benefit from investing in tax credits.

Non-profit volunteers and boards

Volunteers and non-profit board members can gain skills and expertise to become more effective in advocating and designing revitalization projects.

Government and Elected Officials

Government and elected officials can find new ways to leverage public/private partnerships and ensure maximum value for taxpayers.