Downtown Macon is ideal for a variety of investment and development opportunities. NewTown Macon is constantly developing new market research to induce and guide investments downtown

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Downtown Macon boasts 650+ residential units and 1000+ downtown residents. These residents provide increased opportunity for new retail tenants. In fact, a recent study by Place Economics found that each new upper-floor loft resulted in $15,000 in additional spending by its residents on retail services downtown.

Downtown also acts as a natural incubator. Because of the density of jobs and residents, downtown is a great place to test a new idea. Storefronts are available in a variety of locations, conditions, prices and sizes, many with unique historic charm and unusual amenities. Nowhere in Middle Georgia enjoys a greater diversity of available retail space.

Downtown Macon is also the premier location in Middle Georgia for corporate headquarters and office space. Easy access by walking, bicycling, and transit makes it easy for businesses to connect with new and existing clients. Whether you are looking for a prominent storefront or the region's nicest office space in an office tower, downtown Macon has a space to fit every budget. Check out our Commercial Property Finder to find a suitable property today.