5 Bragg Jam Survival Tips

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1 - Check the lineup

Bragg Jam is hosting 80+ bands this year. There are likely some bands you want to see more than others. Make sure you’re making the most of it by planning who you want to see and when they are playing. Bragg Jam Lineup

Pro tip: keep a screenshot of times and venues on your phone. 


2 - Take time to eat and HYDRATE

It’s easy to get caught up in the festival fun, but make sure to take food and water breaks. Ending a night early because of dehydration isn’t fun for you or anyone else in your group. Luckily, downtown will have many quick bites to choose from throughout the day.


3 - Set up a meeting spot

Bragg Jam will have 20+ concert venues, so losing track of a friend along the way is a definite possibility. Setting up a spot to meet gives you more time to enjoy the music and less time hunting down your friends.


4 - Remember where you parked!

Bands are going to be spread all over Macon, so you will be running around most of the downtown area. If you aren’t taking advantage of Uber, it may be easy to forget where you parked your car, so take a picture or pin your location before heading out.

Pro tip: Saturday will be considered a “parking holiday” so no need to feed the parking meters! BUT Friday there will be no street closures or free parking so your best bet is to park in a parking garage. Check out parkmaconbibb.com for more info on how to navigate downtown parking.


5 - Charge your phone

Your phone gives you access to venues, set times, Uber, and your friends. Make sure your phone is charged prior to the festival and bring a portable charger if you have one.

We hope you have a fabulous time at Bragg Jam this weekend! For more info on one of Macon’s best festivals, visit braggjam.org.